Life’s all about stories, isn’t it?

    Moment by moment, the stories we believe about ourselves – and the world – become the light we live by.

    This inner lantern determines our entire experience of life.

    We’re giving our little family a chance to write some new stories, to see things with a different light.

    We’re not doing it half-heartedly, either. We’re packing up everything and backpacking around the world together.

    We can’t promise there’ll be lashings of ginger beer*, but we can promise not one of us will come out unchanged.

    The five of us… on an adventure.

    (*a nod to the Famous Five books, by Enid Blyton, a favourite around here.)

    Mama’s moments.

    Our latest stories from the road, from my perspective.  The real, the beautiful, and the raw… this is my diary, of sorts.


    Changing our stories, making mistakes, living outside our comfort zone … it’s all scary stuff.  A pool of wisdom and strength to dive into when ours is lacking.

    Seen, Here.

    Where we are now, and where we’ve been, with pics of our highlights.

    Almost as good as being here with us.